Sunday, October 24, 2010


I've been absent from the blog world for a bit. We took our second baby moon to Vancouver, Canada and had a great time! We stayed a night in Whistler - it was amazing and beautiful! The drive there alone was killer! We also stayed in downtown Vancouver and Seattle, where we hit a Seahawks game. We had a great time! Don't mind my large protruding belly or my swollen face...

Lyla recently went in for her first hair cut. She did great! She only cried when I made her leave...

I attempted to take Lyla to a pumpkin patch in her Halloween costume to snap some photos... It was a bit too sunny and looking at Mom behind the camera was not interesting to an 18 month old (PS. can you believe she's a year and a half???).

I took Lyla downtown to try and get some fun pics of her, but of course she'd rather do anything than look at boring Mom.

Notice the one with her funny face? Her had is down her pants. It's a new habit we can't quite break.