Friday, May 28, 2010


A few weeks ago my friend Liz did a photo shoot for us. We're so happy with her work and can't wait for the final product! I'll let the photos do the speaking...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Surgical Repair

After seeing a specialist last Wednesday, the surgeon recommended that Lyla have a skin graft on her middle finger. So, Friday morning came and we took Lyla in for her first surgery. Thanks to a great medical team her surgery was a success and Lyla is recovering great. Lyla will be wearing her cast for a 2-3 weeks and then she'll wear a glove on her hand to help the graft take place. The glove could be worn potentially up to a year. Here's some pics of her finger pre-op.

Thank you EVERYONE for your thoughts, prayers and delicious goodies! Lyla is doing great!

And Happy Birthday to my lil' brother, "Gail." With the crazy week, I didn't find time to send you anything - but I managed to find this...

... what a gift to us all you are. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Accidents of all sorts

Lyla has had a rough last couple of weeks. Several weeks ago, while I wasn't watching, Lyla played in Huck's dog bowl. He's usually very good with her, but his food is his food. He nipped her right under her eyes, leaving her with 2 little black eyes. They healed quickly and thankfully they didn't leave a scar. Although that didn't leave a scar, a severe burn on her hand might. 9 days ago Lyla put her hand in a candle flame and scorched it pretty good. We've been doing a lot of home treatments, but this morning we woke up and her hand was extra swollen and red. We took her into an instant care and they referred us to the burn unit at the U of U. It's not quite as bad as it sounds, but since she's still crawling on her hands, they're worried about infection. She's okay, we just have to keep a close eye on it. I haven't taken any photos since her blisters broke, but the following should give you an idea of what her poor hand (and eyes ) have suffered. (Sorry the hand pic is blurry, it's the best we could do.)

On a more fun note, Lyla has had some fun the past couple of weeks too. We bought her a jogging stroller that also turns into a bike trailer. She loves it! I don't think she loves the helmet that comes with it...

We took Lyla for her first bike ride to Antelope Island. We just biked the cause way and then back, but she had a good time munchin' on some snacks and taking a break to watch the birds.

My friend Liz recently did a photo shoot. Here's a glimpse: