Sunday, June 28, 2009

8,294,400 seconds and en-counting

Lyla is just over 3 months! Where does the time go? It passes in moments of nursing, diaper changes, late nights, early mornings, splashes in the water, nap times, most mostly, you spend 8,294,400 seconds kissing this baby until your lips are chapped! Here's a few from the past few days and some from her blessing. The pictures of her in her dress were taken with another camera, so I'll post those soon.

And blogger is being wacky, so these photo's are all out of order!

Oh, and I got a new car. I forgot to take pics for my bro on a mission to see, so I just stole some from online. It's rad. I love it so much! The rockford fosgate system isn't too shabby either! I'm hoping to put some white rims on it... we'll see if I can convince the hubby. Thanks babe!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coo's from the Babe

This past weekend we went to Moab for a wedding party for our friends. We had a great time and we're happy that Lyla's first trip went smoothly. She did so well, we couldn't be more proud. We hit the river for some river rafting (I did the morning half and Richard was able to jump on in the afternoon while Lyla watched from the side). We weren't able to do too much hiking, but hitting the shops was just as fun. It was a long weekend for us all, and poor Lyla was exhausted on our way home. I recorded her sleeping. You'll have to excuse my recording abilities - I took this from the front seat of the truck with luggage on both sides of her and held the camera in a position where I couldn't see what I was recording... so, just listen to her little noises... so cute!