Sunday, January 25, 2009

I know most of you have probably seen the following photographs on facebook, but I thought I'd post just a few on here for those who haven't seen. My good friend Liz, who is an amazing photographer, was kind enough to snap away last Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to she what she can do when our little Lyla is here. Thanks Liz!

Here's a link to Liz's blog:

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome 2009

We're very excited and nervous for this upcoming year! With Lyla May on her way Richard has been working hard around the house to get things squared away for when she comes. I feel her kick, punch, and move all day and all night long. I'm hoping with all her wiggles and squirms she'll be so tired when she arrives she'll just sleep. Although, I'm not counting on it.

2008 was a big year for us. We adopted Huck, bought our home, went to DC, Boston, and Bermuda, sent my brother on a mission to Minnesota, got pregnant, celebrated the news of friends and my sister and her fiance getting engaged! We certainly had a lot of fun this past year and look forward to welcoming our little girl into the world in April.

I've been meaning to post about pregnancy for a long time, but just haven't found the time (aka - I'm too lazy) or have felt too sick (aka - that excuse only works when you throw up on her first day of school). There are things that the doctors, friends, family, and books don't warn you about - so let me warn all those of you out there.

Pregnancy is not fun. "They" say that there is a pregnancy glow to us pregnant folk - this is false. They tell you this because they know how fragile our little emotions are and want us to be happy. If we're happy - so is everyone else. So, don't expect to glow - you won't. You might start to catch on fire when you get what I like to call the "flaming boob syndrome." This was not in any book I read and when my boobs literally (okay, not literally) caught on fire, I thought I was having something uncommon. I caught a temperature and from my chest up, I was boiled red. NOT glowing red. Again, let me remind you, there is no glow. Just flames. When you get the flaming boob it can last for a few seconds, a few minutes, or in my case, a few hours. The good news is your boobs get a lot bigger after. I wasn't warned of the extra odd food cravings. I was warned some crave dirt, others crave pickles with peanut butter, and some might even crave nasty fast food. I wasn't however, warned of the week of eating only foods that resembled men's genitalia. Yep, all I wanted for a week straight was egg rolls, bananas, pop sickles, corn dogs, and hot dogs. People don't tell you this because they're too embarrassed. I'm not embarrassed - I'm pregnant! I've been told to start preparing my body to breast feed by taking a tooth brush to my... err... dare I say? Well, you know what I mean. The book, doc, and folks say it "stings." Goodness! STINGS? Are you kidding me? Stings is a word you use when a tiny bee pokes you, not when a toothbrush tears off your skin and then you have to put bag balm (the same ointment used on dairy cows' utters) all day and be happy!

Books, people, etc. warn you of the following, but I'm not sure they really include how BIG some of these things are. Here a few things we've experienced. Fighting, fighting, yelling, and fighting with our insurance company. That's a big deal. My book gives a paragraph about how frustrating it can be dealing with the insurance. Frustrating is an under statement. Just pay my damn bill! Dealing with being huge. All the books and folks say to embrace your beautiful pregnant belly. I'm not upset I'm big; just not feeling quite as cute as they say you are. Your belly gets big. AND I SWEAR it happens overnight. It's like one night you eat the whole jar of peanut butter and the next morning - bam! There's your baby and there's your big belly.

However, not to get all cliche because this post has been all the opposite of that, being pregnant has been a wonderful experience. It's been hard, no doubt about it. But it's also been so wonderful. Feeling Lyla kick and now actually being able to see her move under my skin is... a miracle! Honestly. It's so amazing. I'm thrilled for what's next!