Monday, July 28, 2008

Life Offline

I finally have the internet again... sort of. Our cable line is dead in our condo, hence the delay. Before I post a billion pictures, I'll give a quick update on our boring lives.
This summer has gone by so quickly. After Bermuda, Richard went on a business trip to Colorado and decided Telluride is a place everyone must see. Shortly after Telluride, we went to Lovell, Wyoming to visit my grandma. It was sort of a hellish ordeal... we drove my parents and lil' brother (who isn't so little at 6'4) AND our dog for a 9 hour car ride in our truck. Good times! Shortly after that, I threw a baby shower for my darling friend Missie. I put Richard to work and had him cater the whole thing. It turned out rather nice. I'm totally anti-games at baby shower's, so I did something a little different. I called it "an evening in the garden." Basically, we sat outside in my mom's garden and ate dinner. Because Richard used to cater and is still friends with his previous boss, we were able to snag a few tables and chairs and china for the dinnerware. Richard had lots of fun, delicious ideas for the food and it turned out fabulous! Thanks baby doll!!!
For the 24th of July we took Richard's former companion from India and his wife to the Bee's game. It was fun to teach them a little bit about America's favorite past time...
Oh, and I promised my good friend Oats, a.k.a My Lil' Amish girl, a.k.a Karen I'd give her a shout out. Plus, her and her husband stopped in lastnight for the night all the way from Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. She was one of my roommates in Russia. What a doll her and her husband are!
Now... for the pictures:
Here's some from DC:



Summer Fun:
Drive In's, BBQ's, Baseball Games, and 4th of July in Lovell, Wyoming

My brother is on a Mission! We dropped him off at the MTC 2 weeks ago. He leaves for Minneapolis, Minnesota next week. I can't wait to read his letters as he teaches the people of Minnesota, "don't cha know?"