Sunday, March 23, 2008

One Night in Paris

For Richard's 26th Birthday, I surprised him by renting scooters! It was a blast and we're definitely considering purchasing some in the near future. For dinner, I made reservations at a local bistro called, The Paris. If you're going to cruise around on scooters - you have to eat some European goods! The Paris was fantastic and comes strongly recommended from the both of us. Richard had the whole, "when in Rome" attitude and ordered some escargot. To his surprise I tried it and to my astonishing surprise, I liked the snail! It was a bit chewy, but I'd definitely have it again! After dinner we cruised around a bit and headed to the University of Utah to see my friend Natalie in her senior recital performance. She rocked the show - or, I guess opera'ed the recital? I'm not really sure... either way, she did an incredible job. After her amazing performance, we met her for dessert and then Richard and I cruised around in frigid temperature around SLC Friday night. I was hoping for warmer weather on Saturday, but it was still fairly cold. We drove all around the city and made a few shopping stops. It was a ton of fun! Everyone should have the joy of cruising around on scooters. And if by chance you happen to pass a big posse of burley Harley riders, be sure to honk the puny little horn... they'll be sure to raise an arm to you - not a finger, but the arm - but whatever you do! Don't - don't raise the arm back. Scooter riders are just too nerdy to raise the arm. Instead, give them a thumbs up. It's nerdy enough to fit the scooter look.