Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do It Yourself

Well, well... it is time to blog some more about our oh-so-fasinating lives (our lack there of). Since our last post, we've purchased a condo, remodeled the condo (kinda-sorta), celebrated a very non-traditional Valentines, and celebrated 2 years of marriage!

Just like everyone warned, our condo has been a lot more work than we had anticipated. Thanks to all the help with our friends and family we were able to wash walls (that was so disgusting) paint cabinets, paint every inch of that place with a fresh coat of paint, and even did some electrical work. And poor Richard got stuck sanding the icicle ceiling! Don't bring that up to him by the way, it's still a sensitive issue. Poor dude worked on it for so many hours his lungs filled with dust. And his eyes... We hope to eventually redo the kitchen floors with hardwood and retile the bathroom. For whatever reason, Richard and I hate the green tile and grout... We're also preping the counters to do a cement finish on them. In the mix of all that, we're also taking a re-upholestry class and re-upholestering 2 couches.
Hopefully they'll be ready soon! Richard welded a table for us - it's awesome and truly one of a kind! He took a welding class a few months back and was able to weld a very sturdy table. And heavy... with the cement tob and i-beam legs (yes! more iStuff!) the table weighs close to 400 lbs. I had anxiety over it. Even a nightmare that it fell through our floor and killed our neighbor. Over the next few months we hope to have a completely updated condo.

Our Valentine's was a bit different than a day to celebrate romance. I hate to sit here and always sound so negative, but I don't particularly enjoy this day of love. I think it's lame, to be quite frank. Why does Hallmark need to remind me to be nice for one day? There is no surprise if you're expecting to be surprised. So, I veto this day. But, Richard happens to love it. It welded a rose for me, which was really sweet (okay, so maybe I like Valentine's a little bit). We've already stated how pathetic we are by watching "The O.C.," but we're even more pathetic with our love for the MTV show, "The Hills." If anyone is a fan, you'll know that Heidi and Spencer frequently dine at a restaurant called "Don Antonio's." Well, we found Utah's version of Don Antonio's. It's right around the corner from the E Center in West Valley, and it's pretty ghetto... but they serve a delicious burrito! I felt like we were sitting in a jail cell with all the bars around the tables. After dinner, we met our friends Enoch and Natalie for a night of violence on the ice. I had no idea I loved violence so much. I guess I love violence in a controlled environment. We sat front row to the Grizzlies hockey game, and sat right next to the opponents penalty box. With the first slam of the game, I jumped out of my seat and begged for a fight. I got lucky... there was a pretty good fight between a couple of players. The gloves came off, the jersey came off, and some good punches were thrown. I was loving every second of it! Who doesn't love a good fight on ice?

Our 2 year anniversary was also very different. With a time crunch on the condo, we ended up painting until 2 AM. However, we woke up at 5 AM that morning and had a wonderful breakfast. I stuffed myself with biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausages, egss, shrimp, fruit and 4 mugs of the best hot chocolate in the world! As you can imagine, I was regretting all of it shortly after. It was a great day, just very non-traditional. I gave Richard swimming lessons and goggles for our anniversary. I'm hoping I can cure his H2O fear and take him on some white water rafting trips in the future! Or kayaking... we'll start him of easy. Richard bought me some totally awesome stuff for the condo. I will definetly post the after pictures once they're in a state to present.