Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My life is routine. I somehow roll out of bed (though every morning I wonder how I got from the bed into the shower) manage to look a quarter presentable, drag my feet into school, doodle on my page of lecture notes, and then into my office. But today was different! Sort of. I did the routine thing, came into work, put my lunch in the over-stuffed fridge and then made a B-line for the bathroom. (Just like Dane Cook said - why the heck is it called a B line? You don't walk in the shape of a B! He said it best when he decided to start calling it an i-line. Plus, everything is i now. iPhone, iPod, iMac, iTunes, etc.) My office building does a great job in keeping everything sparkly clean and smelling fresh - but today iWalked in and it smelt like a pre-school. The aroma of fresh play-doh filled the nostrils. Then iThought to myself, why the heck would a bathroom smell like play-doh? If you ate play-doh and it came out - would it still smell like play-doh? I dunno... iChallenge someone to investigate and report back. (See what iMean about a routine life?)
iAm not complaining about a routine life, it just seems kind of boring to write about. If iBlogged about my life, it would consist of 17 credit hours of lecture notes, math equations and math functions, odd history facts, and water-cooler talk. Except, iSit by myself in my office all day and doodle logos and other graphic stuff and never hit up the water-cooler for gossip because, well, we don't have one. So that is why iChoose to blog about play-doh smelling bathrooms.
And iThink iWant to start to patton all this iStuff. iChoose will be the new CTR. iWill make the sweetest logo that is iCTR. iAlso like the iThink. That could be a really awesome $5 shirt. I'll make a whole like of i's. iThink, iWill, iAm. Wal Mart will buy my idea. They buy anything. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN THERE? You know what I'm talking about...

Friday, January 11, 2008

... And Then There Were 3

We adopted! We're now the proud parents of a lil' Puggle. We named him Huck. He is adorable! We've been talking about getting ourselves a new member of the family for quite sometime now. Lil' Huck was at the shelter and probably on death row when we rescued the over-hyper lil' man.

Uh-oh... what have our lives resorted to? I am really boring you with dog-talk? Yes, yes I am. I am now that dog owner. The things you say when you're younger usually resemble something like, "when I'm on my own I will never do that." I always promised myself I'd never bore people with my cute-kid stories and especially not my cute-dog stories. And here we are; trying not to talk about my cute-dog story but in reality the very thing I'm trying to aviod somehow keeps coming up. Weird...

So, let me bore you with Huck stories. Like I said, it seems like Richard and I have been in the market for a dog for quite sometime. Our condo lifestyle isn't much of a dog-owners lifestyle, so we never really made the plunge. During Christmas time we donated to the Humane Society and I guess after walking past kennel after kennel of homeless dogs, our hearts were crushed. On Wednesday night we went to the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter and picked up Huck. He's a handful and certainly a lifestyle adjustment, but he's also a lot of fun. He certainly has charcteristics of a pug and a personality of a beagle. He loves to play, go on walks, and sniff out anything he can. He also loves to curl up in your lap and cuddle. Aww... he's a sweetheart. It's funny how much your life really does change with becoming a pet owner. The only negative thing about having Huck in our little condo is having to take him out on a leash every time he wants to go to the bathroom. Hopefully we can get him on a schedule where it doesn't require 4 AM walks. However, I do like that is pulls me up off the computer and out the door. A little excercise never killed anyone. I wonder if 24-Hour Fitness would allow me to bring him in and start the treadmill. I think he'd have fun running in the gym, maybe pump some iron. A few push-ups and pull-ups... I will have to give them a call.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The O.C.

So, we are so lame. We have found a new show that we LOVE!!! By the title you can tell how really lame we are. I must say that I am proud of the fact that we have not skipped work or school to stay home and watch it (yet anyway), but we pretty much watch about 8-10 episodes a day. J/K, well kind of anyway. We have had a couple marathons where we have watched, oh I don't know, at least 8 episodes. Yeah, we know we are pathetic. It's definitely justified though. With The Office not on right now and Prison Break on a two month hiatus, we were only left with Friday Night Lights which isn't a bad thing, but come on, that is only one hour a week. I know it sounds like we are obsessed with T.V., but we simply try to find fulfillment through quality entertainment. T.V. is slim pickings right now. You have the Couples Biggest Loser (don't you find it funny that they have a T.V. show that encourages people to sit and watch T.V. while eating ice cream out of depression because they are watching people work out and it makes them tired) and American Gladiators. "Contender Ready? Gladiator Ready?" Who in the world thought to bring Hulk Hogan back to T.V. without the yellow spandex? It makes him look like the villain when he wears black when everyone knows he was a real life hero in his day. All I can say is DVR is truly one of the greatest inventions ever. It allows a person to savor those great shows for the perfect time. A time when the only thing that can be found on the channels are infomercials or "A Knights Tale." A time when Babe and I can enjoy life by cuddling up on the Lovesac and talk and laugh and do what we both love to do, spend time with each other.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rock Band

Another Christmas season has come and passed. It's amazing how time seems to speed itself up. We had a great Christmas. Celebrating with friends and family it sure made our holiday season a lot of fun. Richard was very surprised to learn he got season tickets to Utah Football. He surprised me with all brand new snowboard gear. We finally hit the slopes for some fresh powder and unfortunately, my injured knee can no longer hack the pain. I've officially retired from the greatest sport at the young age of 22. We returned everything - even sold my old board. I was hoping all of my physical therapy would help the once fractured knee, but it seems my efforts were in vain. I've thought about taking skiing on again, but I'm worried it will hurt even more than snowboarding. I guess we'll wait and see...

So after we returned everything, Richard felt bad that he "didn't get me anything" and surprised me at work with the XBOX 360 game called "Rock Band." Pretty much it rocks... and I'm pretty much the sickest drummer of all time - and Richard rocks at the guitar. And even though it's totally embarrassing belting out on the vocals, it also quite fun. Especially rockin' out and croonin' along with the classics (The Rolling Stones).

2007 was quite the year for the Larsen's and we anticipate 2008 to be even better. We're currently waiting on a purchase agreement and hopefully we'll be buying our first place. We are looking into buying a condo right below the one we are renting. We love Sugar House and we'll do anything and pay anything to stay there. It's such a fun location for us. We love our neighbors and all the local shops near by. Hopefully we'll close our loan mid-Feb and move in shortly after!